We believe ethics is of significant importance in the CPA/Client Relationship.
In order to establish a fruitful and long term relationship, it is of vital importance that an accounting firm and client are on the same page when it comes to their attitudes in business, taxes and ethics. We want to work with clients who share our attitudes, because otherwise, our relationship is destined to be a rocky one at best, and this is not productive for either party. 
As such, Enns & Associates:
1: Believes that life's decisions take precedent over economic decisions, and economic decisions take precedent over tax decisions. That translates into not letting the tax tail wag the dog, and that money is not the most important thing in life. 
​2: Knows you can find an accountant that will tell you anything you want to hear. You will always hear stories about "Charlie Down the Street" who says that his accountant lets him deduct something or takes some off the wall tax position. If you are someone who is highly influenced by this type of peer pressure and you want to always take the most aggressive (yet unsupported) tax positions, we are not the firm for you. We want to operate in an area where we are confident in the positions we take. You sign your tax returns and so do we. We all want to be able to sleep at night and both be able to face an auditor with a high level of confidence. We call this being "ethically aggressive". There are plenty of opportunities within the law without having to break it. Taxes can be avoided or minimized, but not evaded. The former is legal, the latter is criminal. 
3: Emphasizes having a good accounting system, and we tend to get more involved with our clients in this area. Many accountants just take the client's numbers and prepare a tax return. We try and get more involved with the client/business. This is important as it will help you better manage your business and increase the opportunities to capture all the tax deductions you are entitled to. A poor accounting system loses tax deductions and may cause management to make poor and uninformed decisions. 
4. Knows that the most successful clients spend their energy trying to run their business wisely. They do not spend the majority of their time looking for tax schemes. They are too busy trying to make more money and be more efficient, etc. They know that having a tax "problem" is a good problem to have, because it means they are making money. The alternative is a lot worse. 
Outlined below are some of the statements that we feel are critical for you to consider. Please read them and think about whether you agree or disagree with the statements. This will help determine if we should pursue a business relationship. 
1. I believe in reporting all my income. 

2. I want to deduct personal expenses as business expenses even when the law is clear. 

3. Cheating/Lying on my income tax returns is acceptable because of how the government wastes money. 

4. Saving taxes is more important than figuring out how to make more money because if I make more money, I will just have to pay more taxes. 

5. Paying taxes is not enjoyable, but it is part of the price for living in this country. 

6. I always want to pay the lowest possible tax this year even if it means that I could use a different strategy and pay lower overall taxes over several years. 

7. If there is a choice to make on a tax law decision, I am willing to choose a clearly illegal option and hope I am not caught on an audit. 

8. I believe it is critical to use an attorney when executing an important business transaction. 

9. I am interested in a long term relationship with my accounting firm and not just finding the cheapest place to obtain these services this year. Type your paragraph here.

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